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27 April 2010 @ 07:37 pm
[fanfic] - Russia - My Sun  
Title: The Euro-Fhiles Series: Russia – My Sun
Part:  One-shot
Characters: OCPhilippines, Russia, & Extended Family
Pairings: Sorta Piri x Russia
Warnings: Randomness, OC Warning, Fluff, Corporal Punishment (spanking)
Summary:  He needed someone who could take a beating and ward off his sister.  Thinking back, he knew of a few countries that had been through hell and back, who had their capitals demolished and had survived the darkest moments of war.  And since Poland was a dude, Spain’s daughter had to do.


“Are you asking me out to try to lose your sister?”  She studied him critically.

Ivan paused, measuring his words carefully.  “Every day,” he began.  “I must run from her…I do not mean to use you, but for once, I would like her to leave me alone so I could enjoy dinner in peace.”

“You understand that this will not work, right?” Maria asked.  “I have seen your sister.  An act of God will not sway her.”
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Russia – My Sun
By DamageCtrl
*All Standard Disclaimers Apply:  I do not own anything other than the plot.  Even then, it’s not that creative.
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He rounded the corner sharply, surprising any bystanders with his speed for such a large man as he whipped past them.  His scarf trailed behind him, distracting the bystanders from the horrified look on his pale face. 

“Brother!” a voice echoed down the hall behind him.  “Where are you going!?”  It was odd how such a sweet sounding voice dripped with threat. 

Russia didn’t stop to answer as a cold shiver shot down his spine.  His violet eyes darted around the halls, looking for the best possible way to escape his pursuer.   Upstairs or downstairs?  Straight or a sharp left?  Three doors down or five?  His heart was slamming against his chest.  Did it matter? 

A large hand shot forward and grabbed a random door knob.  He twisted it open, thanking God that it was unlocked, and rushed in.  The door slammed quickly behind him and he whirled around, desperately looking for a lock that he already knew wouldn’t stop his sister.

He didn’t notice the figure standing by a table behind him, looking at him with a confused expression. 

“Ivan,” a male voice asked behind him cautiously.  The Russian froze.  “Is something the matter?” 

His hands were still shaking as he turned around slowly and met Austria’s gaze.  The musician was standing beside a table littered with music sheets.  He seemed to be arranging a stack in his hand when Russia had burst in and locked them in the room together. 

Ivan quickly put on a smile.  “It’s nothing-”


His jaw snapped closed and he whirled to the door in fear.   Austria looked intrigued as he watched the large, foreboding-looking nation stumble away from the door, as if a monster would lunge out at him from behind the barrier at any moment. 

“Aren’t you going to-” before he could finish his sentence, Ivan’s hand clamped over Austria’s mouth.  His wide eyes were forced to meet Ivan’s face as a look of warning met his gaze.  Ivan shook his head slowly, as if to tell him that he was not to speak.  Roderich merely nodded under Ivan’s iron grip and remained pinned back against him. 

Outside the door, he could hear footsteps and a familiar female voice just outside the door.  The closer the sounds got, the tighter Russia gripped Austria.  Suddenly, the footsteps stopped.  Austria felt Ivan relax behind him.  His hand lifted off of Austria’s mouth and he began to let out a sigh of relief.

A knock rapped against the door.  “Brother, are you in there?”

If Roderich didn’t know any better, he could’ve sworn that Ivan almost fainted.   Paler-faced than usual, Russia stared at the door, waiting for it to be thrown open and his knife-wielding sister to fly at him. 

To both Ivan and Roderich’s surprise, the musician spoke.  “I’m afraid he’s not here, Belarus!” Austria shouted suddenly.  Ivan’s eyes flew to the other nation, as if asking what he was doing and why.  Roderich met his gaze and gave him a curt nod.  “It’s just me!  I’m arranging some music.”

There was some hesitation behind the door.  “Do you know where he went?” Russia’s younger sister asked.

“I’m afraid not,” Roderich continued.  “Did you try the hotel’s bar?  I heard they carry some excellent vodka!” he suggested.

“Vodka…,” they heard Belarus murmur to herself.  Rather than reply with a thanks, they heard her shuffle away, most likely to the hotel bar.  A few moments of silence lingered between the two men, until Russia was sure his sister was actually gone.

“Austria…,” he muttered as his eyes went from the door to the brown-haired man who had returned to his music.  “Thank you.  I did not expect you to help.”

“Think nothing of it,” the composed pianist told him confidently.  “I understand.”

Russia raised an eyebrow.  He doubted anyone could understand.  He chuckled.  “Do you?”

Another set of violet eyes met his coolly.  “Are you forgetting who I am?” he asked confidently.  “I’m one of the best, if not the best musician this world has ever known,” he pointed out.  “I have never been short of admirers.”

Unable to stop himself, Russia let out a muffled snort.  “Really?” he asked.  He glanced around the room.  “I do not see any of them here.”

Austria resisted the urge to roll his eyes.  “Unlike you, I have managed to get them under control,” he replied smoothly.  “You should do something about your sister.”

Ivan almost wanted to laugh.  Didn’t he think he had tried?  How many times had Ivan tried to explain to his sister that they were not getting married?  How many times had he tried to steer her affections to someone else – to Liet, to America, to anyone other than him?  The younger blonde would not take no for an answer and Russia had long given up.

“You make it sound as if I enjoy having her hounding me every waking moment to get married,” Russia said as he took a seat on a chair by the table.  “Let me make it clear that I do not.”

“Have you tried speaking to her rationally?”

Ivan raised an eyebrow.  Rationally?  Belarus?  “You have quite a sense of humor, Roderich,” he smirked.

“Then what about setting her up with someone else?” Austria suggested.  “There must be someone who could perhaps distract her.”

“I’ve already tried that and there isn’t.”

Roderich released a heavy breath.  “Then what about trying to show her you’re not interested?”

“Perhaps you need your glasses checked,” Ivan replied coolly.  “Did you not see me running into the room?”

Austria frowned.  “I’m only trying to help you with your situation,” he said.  “As I understand how troublesome it can be, but if you’re just going to mock me-”

“It is not that I do not appreciate your words of advice,” Ivan cut him off as he let out a heavy breath and tilted his head back.  “But I have already tried all of it and nothing seems to work.”

“What about getting a girlfriend?”

Ivan stared at him as if he had grown a second head.  “Are you mad?  You suggest that I should date my sister?” he asked with a frown.   “That is what I am trying to avoid.”

Austria took a deep breath.  “No, I meant get a girlfriend who is not your sister,” he snapped.  “When I married Hungary, I had a rather welcomed lapse in admirers and she did a fine job of keeping them at bay for the duration of our marriage.”  Austria lifted his hand and adjusted his tie slightly.  “Frankly, I still welcome her aiding in such things,” he added with a small blush. 

Ivan narrowed his eyes.   “You understand that I would be basically throwing this young woman into the lion’s den,” he said.  To be honest, he had no real qualms with it if it stopped his sister’s stalking.  “And who in the right mind would agree to such a thing in the first place?”  He hoped the other nation had some idea.

Roderich’s brows furrowed.  “It was merely a suggestion.  I’m not advocating for you to put an innocent young woman in the line of fire.  Frankly, to find a woman who would be able to fight off your sister would be a miracle in itself,” he admitted as he crossed his arms over his chest.  “I’m not sure who would even be up to the task.  Surely, they would have to be able to take a lot of damage, be relatively fearless, and can at least put up a fight.” 

Ivan found himself nodding.  Someone who could take a beating, had balls, and could fight.  He had left the company of the musician with those criteria floating in his mind. 

“Have you seen Ana?” a smooth female voice asked.  “I know she took my shoes and I need them for my dinner tonight.” 

Ivan turned his head towards the sound of the voice.  He saw a busty Latina nation speaking to several female nations.  Long, curly black hair fell over her shoulder as she awaited their answer.  “I saw her wandering with Taiwan,” Belgium said.  The petite blonde’s eyes looked curious.  “Dinner, you say?  With who?”

“I’ll give you a clue,” the lovely Spanish-speaking nation grinned as her sister shot her a glare.   Venezuela lifted her hands and placed her index fingers over her finely arched brows.  “Guess who I am!”

Both Hungary and Belgium’s eyes widened.  “Arthur!?” they chorused.

Belgium grabbed on to Colombia’s arm and looked at her earnestly.  “Ne, ne, does Spain know!?”

“No, he doesn’t!” the eldest Latin sister hissed dangerously.  “And he won’t find out!” she added dangerously.  “He’ll go completely conquistador!”

“Hmm…I have to admit, he was quite a sight in his conquistador days…,” Hungary mused as she rubbed her chin thoughtfully.  Several pairs looked at her, somewhat unsure of where her train of thought is going.  “I mean, he’s still rather attractive.  He definitely has the best butt of the lot-”

“Hungary, please stop,” Colombia winced.

“Hear me out,” the brunette insisted.  “But back when he was conquering the New World…my God…that big axe,” she green-eyed woman fanned herself with her hand.  “If I wasn’t so attached to Roderich-”

“That’s enough!” Belgium’s face was tinted green as her hands covered her ears.  “I don’t want to hear any more!” 

Ivan chuckled to himself as he watched the girls head off in another direction with Hungary still insisting that Spain was attractive.  He vaguely recalled that Belgium had also been under Spain’s control at one point.  That wasn't so much of a surprise, as many current European nations had once been under the control of a larger empire. 

In fact, during the Great War, that had also been the case.  He distinctly remembered Poland’s capital being completely demolished.  The pony-loving blond had been through hell and back and managed to rebuild. 

Ivan rubbed his chin thoughtfully.  Poland could take a beating.  That did fulfill one of the criteria, however, Poland was also a man…kind of.  He wasn’t sure he had it in him to fight either, especially against Belarus.  Russia continued walking down the hall, opposite the direction where the female nations had scattered off to.

He needed to find a female nation that could fight.  Hungary, perhaps, as she did have a mean frying pan attack.  Still, he doubted she would actually help him.  He needed someone who was willing to help him.  Ivan rounded the corner.

“You did what!?” a shrill female voice cut through the air.  The white-haired nation lifted his head and stopped just before turning the corner. 

“I’m sorry!” That was America’s voice.  Ivan jerked his head back slightly, surprised that the usually proud country could even bring himself to apologize.  “I didn’t mean to!”

“You always do this!” the female voice snapped, sounding angry and hurt.  “This is why I can’t trust you any more!”

“Oh, come on, babe!  You can still trust me!”

“Forget it!” Ivan peered around the corner.  As expected, America was standing there, looking oddly uncomfortable as a black-haired female nation stalked away from him. 

Sheepishly, Alfred lifted up his hand.  “Um…does this mean we’re not going to dinner tonight?” The female nation froze in mid step.  Ivan smirked.  He could almost feel the tension in the air.  A slap rang out a moment later and Ivan felt himself beaming with satisfaction. 

“We’re not going to have dinner ever again!” she hissed as she threw her arm back and marched away.

“Maria!” Alfred called out.  “Maria, wait!  Come on!  Philippines!”

Violet eyes lit up.  The Philippines.  Of course.  Why didn’t he think of her sooner?  She was a resilient female nation known for her hospitality and violent edge.  Her capital had been devastated, just like Poland’s had, and she had just reduced the great-and-heroic America to a pleading school boy. 

“Go to hell, Alfred F. Jones!” And she was angry at the blond!  Things couldn’t get any better.  A plan quickly formulated in Ivan’s mind. 

“Maria!”  She ignored the glasses-wearing nation and continued to walk away from him.  Russia took a deep breath and stepped forward…running right into the petite brunette.

“Ah!  Philippines!” Ivan beamed cheerfully as her face slammed into his chest.  “My apologies,” he continued as his hands rose and gently rested on her shoulders to steady her as she bounced back.  “I did not see you.”

“Oh, hello, Russia,” Maria said as she stumbled back and steadied herself.  She gave him a polite nod of her head.  “I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”

“No, no, it was my fault,” Ivan insisted as he continued to smile warmly.  “I hope I didn’t hurt you,” he said.  He still hadn’t removed his hands from her shoulders.  She shook her head.

“No, I’m fine,” she assured him. 

“Ahem,” an irritated voice coughed behind them.  Ivan lifted his head, knowing full well that America was still there and glaring at him.  “Hello, Russia.”

“America,” the white-haired nation greeted coolly.  “Am I interrupting something?”

Alfred opened his mouth, but Maria cut him off.  “No,” the brunette said quickly.  “We just finished our conversation.”  Alfred’s blue eyes looked at her, as if unsure why she was saying such a thing. 

“Oh, good,” Ivan said.  “Because I’ve been meaning to speak to you about something, Miss de la Cruz,” he added politely.

Alfred shot him a glare.  “Maria is fine,” the brunette offered him.  “Um…,” she glanced over her shoulder at Alfred and then looked back at Ivan.  “Shall we walk?”

“Yes, of course,” Ivan nodded.  “I find the air in here…stifling as well.”  He placed his arm around Maria’s shoulder and gently turned her away from the irritated looking blond nation.  As they walked away, Ivan looked over his shoulder and sent Alfred a smug look. 

“What is it that you wanted to speak about?” Maria asked, drawing his attention back to her. 

“I have a favor to ask,” Ivan began.  “And you are the only female nation that meets the necessary qualities.” 

She raised an eyebrow and looked at him.  “Come again?”

“You are a strong woman,” Ivan smiled.  “Confident, resilient, and not afraid to fight.”  Maria narrowed her eyes slightly. 

“What is it that you want me to do…?” she asked, almost hesitantly.  She wasn’t sure she liked where this was going.

Ivan’s smile didn’t leave his face.  “I would like to go on a date with you.”

“No!” a voice shouted behind them.  Maria rolled her eyes as she stopped and crossed her arms over her chest.  Ivan turned around and saw Alfred stalking forward, looking displeased.  “Maria, you can’t!”

Her eyes widened and Ivan was sure that America had just insulted her.  “I…can’t…?” she repeated in a low voice.  Her eyes narrowed into sharp slits.  “And who are you to say who I can and cannot date, Mr. Jones!?”

Alfred let out a groan.  “God, not the Mr. Jones, thing…,” he grumbled.  He ran his hand through his hair and looked at her beseechingly.  “Maria, he’s only going to use you!”

“How different is that from you?” she snapped back coldly.  Alfred looked as if he had been cut. 

“You don’t understand!” he pleaded.  “This is Ivan, we’re talking about!  Russia!  And who do you think stalks him like a lunatic?!” 

Ivan frowned.  “Belarus,” Philippines replied.  Russia looked down at her, surprised.  “Yes, I know all about that.” 

“Then you know what he’s planning!” Alfred deduced.  “He’s going to try to use you to get rid of his sister and you know it won’t work!  She’s a knife-wielding maniac!”

His hopeful smile never left his face, but Russia internally cringed.  He didn’t exactly plan on telling the would-be girlfriend that part.  After all, who wanted to get involved with a man whose knife-loving sister was stalking him? 

Maria turned around and faced the much taller man.  “Is this true?” she asked.  “Are you asking me out to try to lose your sister?”  She studied him critically.

Ivan paused, measuring his words carefully.  “Every day,” he began.  “I must run from her…I do not mean to use you, but for once, I would like her to leave me alone so I could enjoy dinner in peace.”

“You understand that this will not work, right?” Maria asked.  “I have seen your sister.  An act of God will not sway her.”  Behind her, Alfred looked triumphant.

Ivan looked down at her.  The island nation looked firm and proud.  Most women would’ve screamed and run in the other direction by now at the mere thought of having to deal with Belarus over him.  Instead, the Philippines looked as if she were waiting for him to give her an answer that would talk her into going out with him. 

She wasn’t afraid.  She wasn’t angry.  She simply wanted to know why he was worth her time.

He wanted to smile.  He liked that.

“But would you like to have dinner with me?” he asked.  “You will face the wrath of my sister, but I would be honored to have dinner with you tonight.  If this doesn’t work, so be it.  If it does, you will not regret your decision, but I will try to give you a pleasant evening.” 

He smiled. 

Maria felt her hardened front melting a bit.  He was much taller than her, larger and could probably break in her half with a single embrace, but his smile was warm and hopeful.  He was sincere in his request and hadn’t denied the possibility of failure.  In fact, he even told her that she would be put in harm’s way with the mention of Belarus. 

“Seven isn’t too late, is it?” the black-haired nation asked.  America’s blue eyes went wide with surprise as across from him, Ivan’s face lit up.  “And what should I wear?”

“Maria!” Alfred choked out, horrified. 

“Anything you wish,” Ivan told her.  He extended his hand and grasped her smaller one gently.  “Seven would be perfect.  There is a nice restaurant on the first floor of the hotel; I will make reservations and meet you there this evening.”

“What!?” Alfred nearly screamed.  The world was turning upside down.

“I’ll see you tonight then, Russia,” Maria told him confidently, knowing full well that Alfred had a horrified look on his face behind her.

“It is Ivan,” he smiled warmly and kissed the back of her hand.  “And the honor is mine.”  Maria carefully drew back her hand and gave him a small nod.  Without looking back at Alfred, she stepped around  the larger man and, as composed as she could be, walked down the corridor to the elevators.  As Ivan watched her go, silently admiring the smooth sway of her hips and the way her hair flowed over her back, Alfred growled. 

“I swear to God, Russia, if your sister hurts her-”

“You underestimate that woman,” Ivan cut off the blond.  He turned his head and looked down at the American.  “What a pity for you.” 

.oOo.____.oOo. ____.oOo. ____.oOo. ____.oOo. ____.oOo. ____.oOo.

Maria paused in the middle of kicking off as the door closed behind her.  She narrowed her eyes.  She heard the sound of the television and was sure she had turned it off before she left.  As she carefully made her way into the room, she could see the two other pairs of shoes simply thrown aside on the floor, and found the two other islands lounging on her bed.

Her lips pursed into a thin line.  “Ana!  Mei!” she called out as she lifted her hands to her waist.  “What are you two doing in my room!?”  She paused and frowned.  “Also, how did you even get in!?”

“Funny about that,” Ana grinned as she began to slid off the bed to greet her sister.  Mei was already rounding the corner.  “Jandro had the key.”

"He has the key for emergency purposes!" Maria snapped as she glared.

Mei rushed forward and slammed into her sister.  “Jie-jie, what took you so long!?” Mei whined.   “You missed lunch!”

“We can still have a late lunch,” Maria offered as she stroked the back of Mei’s head.  Ana chuckled weakly and looked away.  Maria looked past her and saw the chips and various boxes of Chinese take-out on the night stands.  “Or not…”

“What about dinner?” Ana suggested hopefully as she clasped her hands together.  “Si, Ria?  I saw a nice tapas bar on the way here!”

The black-haired island nation winced a bit at the thought.  “I’m going to have to decline for tonight, Ana…”

“What!?” Mei frowned.  She pried herself from her sister and looked at her with a confused look.  “But you said that you’d have a meal with us today!”

“I had breakfast with you two!” Maria reminded them.  “And dinner last night!”

“That was with the family!” Ana insisted.  “That doesn’t count!”

“Yeah!” Mei nodded.  “What’s so important that you can’t go to dinner with us?”

Immediately, the brown-haired Latin island scowled.  “It’s Alfred, isn’t it?” she deduced.  “I told him not to bother you while we’re here!”  She turned to the night stand and began to look for her phone amongst the take-out boxes.  “I’m going to call him and-”

“It’s not Alfred!” Maria sighed.  “Put your phone down, Ana.”

“Then who is it?” her brown-haired sister demanded.  Mei nodded in agreement and crossed her arms, awaiting the answer.

The brown-skinned island nation stood in place as her mind tried to come up with an explanation.   They might accept that another family member would’ve taken her time, but that would still bother them as they felt they were her favorites.  To be fair, they were her favorite sisters. 

She could tell them it was business, but everyone knew that after 5PM, everyone tended to stop anything business-related in favor of socializing.  She could tell her sisters the truth and she wasn’t exactly sure how they would react.

“Well?” Mei asked as she tapped her foot impatiently.  “Who do you have to cancel with?”

Maria rolled her eyes and mirrored her sister’s look.  “Ivan Braginski.”

Two pairs of brown eyes stared at her, dumbfounded.  Surely, they were hearing things. 

“What?” Ana asked stupidly.

Mei let out a nervous laugh.  “Jie-jie, I think I’m hearing things,” she said.  “I thought you said Russia.”  She looked at Ana began to laugh.  “Funny, huh?”

“Yeah!” Ana laughed as well.

Maria let them laugh for a bit longer.  “No, you heard correctly,” she broke the news to them.  Immediately, they were silenced.  Maria uncrossed her arms and turned around.   “I have a date with Russia tonight.”

The Philippines didn’t need to look over her shoulder to know that her sisters were staring at her as if she had just told them that she became a vegetarian.  The island nation walked back down to the hall of her room and opened up her closet to look for something suitable to wear.  She was halfway through the clothes in the small closet when Ana finally cried out.

“What!?” the brunette suddenly appeared in front of her sister, blocking the view of the clothes.  “When did this happen!?”

“Jie-jie, why!?” Mei began to cry.  “What did he threaten you with!?  If you need help, we’ll help you!  I’ll talk to Yao-ge-ge and Kiku-ge-ge!” 

“Vic can talk some sense into him,” Ana insisted as she gripped her sister’s shoulders firmly.  “I’m sure if we tell him, he can stop Russia!  Maybe we can ask Francis!  I mean…clearly, we can’t tell Papa, but I’m sure Francis will help!”

Maria rolled her eyes and pulled away from her Caribbean sister.   “Stop it!  Mei, stop crying,”  Maria sighed as she looked over at the other island nation who was frantically rubbing her eyes with her long, pink sleeves.  “He didn't threaten me into going out with him!”

“Well, what other reason is there!?” Ana demanded.  “No sane woman would go out with him!  Not with his sister!”

“She’ll kill you, Jie-jie!” Mei sobbed.

“Mei!” Maria yelled.  “She’s not going to kill me!  And he pointed out the threat of his sister when he asked me out!”

“And you said yes!?” Ana cried out as her eyes widened.  Her hand flew to her sister’s forehead to feel for a fever.  “Are you sick?  Do you feel warm?  Nauseated?  Do you need to go to a doctor!?”

“No!” Maria brushed Ana’s hand away and stepped back.  She looked at her two siblings, annoyed.  “Ana, Mei, he asked me out to dinner tonight and I said yes.”  Ana opened her mouth and Maria quickly cut her off.  “And no, I’m not sick!  He seemed sincere and I didn’t see any harm in it.”

Ana stuttered.   “Didn’t see any…,” she choked out.  “How can you agree when you know about his sister?!”

“I will deal with it!” Maria frowned.  “You two don’t have to worry, and Mei, stop crying!”

The other Asian nation hiccuped as she continued to rub her eyes.  “But she’s going to attack you!”

“I’ll be fine!” Maria insisted.  “It’s just one dinner!  He probably just wants a night out without running from his sister.”

“So he’s going to use you like that?” Ana seethed.  “I cannot allow this!” she conceded as she stomped her foot. 

“Ana, you are not the boss of me,” Maria frowned firmly.  “I’m going to go out with Ivan tonight and we’re going to have a lovely time!”  Her arm shot past her sister’s head and grabbed the first dress she was able.  She snatched it from the closet and pulled it against her.  “And neither of you will stop me!”

Ana bit her lower lip and crossed her eyes.  She looked away, clearly not willing to argue, but not willing to concede either.  Mei sniffled and shook her head. 

“I mean it,” Maria frowned.  “He and I could both use a break.”  She backed up into the bathroom across from the closet.  “Now, I’m going to take a shower and get ready for my date.  Don’t go off and start telling everyone!”

“Fine!” Ana snapped.  Maria nodded and closed the door.  "But only this once!"

.oOo.____.oOo. ____.oOo. ____.oOo. ____.oOo. ____.oOo. ____.oOo.

The lights were dimmed and a blonde couple sat at a table.  The male adjusted his glasses and smiled.  “I’m actually really glad that you made it out tonight, U-,”

"It's my brother," the other blonde piped, curiously.  "What is he doing here?"  Ukraine was looking past him, at a tall nation smartly dressed in a black suit and his usual scarf.  Matthew cocked his head to the side before turning around.  His eyes also widened, but not because of Ivan. 

Maria was waving and smiling brightly to someone no one really expected her to do so to.  The towering Russia moved from his spot and walked forward to close the distance between them.  A large hand extended and reached for hers, bringing the back of her right hand to his lips as he gave her a gentlemanly bow and greeted her.

Canada’s mouth dropped.  It was an odd sight to see.  The two nations didn’t usually hang around together and then there was their size difference.  Ivan was easily the tallest of the nations and Maria was a petite Asian nation that barely reached his chest…and she was wearing heels! 

“Oh,” Ukraine beamed across from him.  “Maybe they are on a date!” she clapped her hands together hopefully.  “I am glad!  No wonder he was so happy this afternoon!”

Matthew couldn't close his mouth.  Ivan and Maria?  A date?  It was impossible, yet, the date seemed the case. 

Maria, dressed in a short, little black tube dress and strappy black heels casually curled her arm around Ivan’s as he offered it to her.  Confidently, they walked into the restaurant looking more akin to beauty and the giant than a couple out to dinner.  Neither seemed to notice the looks they received from some of the other patrons, particularly those who actually knew them. 

“I’m so sorry about making you wait,” Maria said as she leaned against Ivan’s arm.  “Ana took my shoes and I had to find her to get them back.”

Ivan chuckled at the thought.  “You are lucky to be close to your siblings,” he reminded her.  “Though, I admit, I was growing worried that you had changed your mind.”

Maria shook her head.  “If I said I’m coming, I’m coming,” she assured him.   They reached the table that the waiter led them to and Ivan released her arm to pull out her chair.  “Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” he assured her.  He took a seat across from her and accepted the menu from the water.  “What do you feel like having tonight?”

“I had skipped lunch, so I am a bit hungry,” Maria said as she opened her menu and skimmed through the choices.  “Although, I admit…I’ve been craving fish.”

“I heard they have an excellent sturgeon here,” Ivan suggested.  “Have you ever had it?”  Maria shook her head.

“Is it good?” she asked, peering over the top of her menu with curiously intrigued brown eyes.  Ivan smiled warmly. 

“It’s very good.”

Behind the menu, the corners of her lips curled up and she hid her blush.  For a moment, she wondered why Latvia was always shaking around Russia.  The larger nation seemed rather sweet and when he smiled like he was now, he was rather good-looking.   Even more so in his suit.

“I’ll have that then,” Maria replied as she lowered her eyes back on to the menu.   As she diverted her eyes, Ivan studied her further.  He hadn’t thought much about how she looked when he had asked her for her to dinner.  All that mattered at the time was that she could hold her own. 

He supposed, looking at her now, that there was a reason why Japan had wanted her, why America had stayed with her, and why various other nations liked to ‘visit’ her.   She had a small frame, especially compared to him, but was not thin, let alone flat.  He supposed she got that from her father, Spain.  The man’s daughters were all attractive.  No wonder the old pedophile was still so protective of them.

He liked the way her hair shined and her eyes sparkled.  He wasn’t used to seeing such rich, chocolate orbs all the time and they were somehow calming.   Then there was her smile.  There was something different in how she smiled at him compared to everyone else.  Either someone was afraid – why, he wasn’t exactly sure, or hiding something from him. 

Maria’s was open and genuine. 

“I knew it,” her voice said across from him.  Ivan blinked and snapped himself out his gaze.  He hadn’t realized that she had caught him studying her.  “I wore too much eye make-up didn’t eye?  Is it the color?  I should’ve gone with brown instead of purple, right?  I knew it…,” she muttered, somewhat irritated with herself.

A wide smile graced his face.  “No, I think purple is a marvelous color on you.” 

“You’re just biased,” she grinned coolly as she lowered her menu.  “What, with your big purple eyes.  You’re lucky to have such beautiful eyes.”

Odd.  His heart was beating quickly.  He couldn’t remember the last time someone had complimented his eyes.  “There is no shame in your brown ones, either,” he pointed out softly.  “I think they are rather beautiful, as well.”

His compliment had caught her by surprise.  She tensed for a moment and allowed the comment to settle in.   “Thank you,” she said as her cheeks warmed.  She began to smile.  “So…what else do you have planned for us tonight?”

Ivan’s face looked excited as he lowered his menu.  As he began telling her what he had planned and if she liked horses – which she eagerly said she did, two pairs of blue eyes were staring at them. 

“Isn’t it lovely, Canada?” Ukraine gushed, happy to see her little brother looking content as he spoke to the island nation.  “He looks so happy!”

Matthew felt his head nodding in agreement.  If Alfred knew, he would freak out.  Still, even Canada knew that the real threat wouldn’t be Alfred or Japan or even Spain and Maria’s additional extended family.  It was from Ivan’s.

“I just hope that your sis-”

“Natalia,” his dinner partner spoke up suddenly.  Matthew could feel the blood draining from his face.  Ukraine’s hand shot across the table and grabbed on to Canada’s.  Wide blue eyes were staring back at the entrance of the restaurant.  “Oh no…!  She’ll see them!”

Matthew turned and saw the platinum blonde standing just in front of the vacant maitre de’s podium.  With narrowed eyes, she craned her neck and peered into the dimly lit restaurant, scanning for her brother.  Within seconds, she locked on to the snow hair-colored male nation and began to stalk forward.

“Too late…,” Matthew let out a quiet whimper. 

Belarus didn’t seem to notice anyone else as she walked swiftly across the restaurant, towards the lone table in the corner where her brother was laughing.  It didn’t strike her as odd, though usually by now, he would’ve caught sight of her and begun running in the opposite direction.  This time, however, he had remained in his seat, across from someone with black hair, chuckling as his dinner partner spoke.

“So there I am, sick in bed, and what does my brother give me to read?” Maria continued, blissfully ignorant with her story.  “An adult magazine!  My sisters were so angry!  I mean, what kind of brother gives his sister an adult magazine to read!?”

Ivan let out a laugh as he imagined the look on their faces when one of Maria’s Latin American brothers handed her a magazine.  He shook his head.  He couldn’t imagine having such a large family, but she made it seem appealing.  He looked across the table at her laughing eyes as she sipped on her wine.

“I cannot imagine an older sibling doing such a thing,” he admitted, still amused.  “How is your wine?”

Maria made a small face.  “A bit dry,” she said.  “How is your vodka?”

He glanced down at his half full cup.  “Not bad.  Do you want to try?” he offered, automatically.  Maria nodded without hesitation.  He lifted his cup and pushed it towards her.  “Have a sip.”

For a moment, she stared at the offered glass.  She didn’t think that he would’ve actually shared his cup with her.   She began to smile and reached for the cup.

“Brother!”  a shrill voice cut between them.  Ivan’s attention was torn from his date’s smiling face to the darkened expression of his sister.  His face paled as his hand froze over the cup of vodka.   Angry eyes bore into his.  “What are you doing?”

He could feel his body begin to tremble beneath Belarus’ furious glare.  He had completely forgotten about her since he began getting ready for dinner.  Now, he could see no one else but his sister looming over him with a threatening glint in her eye. 

“Just having dinner,” he managed to answer.  Across from him, Maria watched as his hand gripped the cup tightly to the point that she was afraid he would break it. 

Belarus’ eyes dragged across the table and landed on the black-haired island nation.  They narrowed into slits.  “And who are you?” she demanded in a cold voice.

“The Philippines,” Maria reminded her.  They had met before, but it wasn’t that Belarus forgot that bothered her.  Maria sat up straight in her chair, her lips tightening in a line.  She didn’t like that tone.  “I am your brother’s date for tonight.” she announced proudly.

Suddenly, Ivan realized the severity of the situation.  His head snapped to Maria, who had locked eyes with Natalia.  His chest tightened.  His eyes darted to his sister and could see her free hand tightening around the handle of a knife that she kept God only knew where.   Violet orbs darted back to Maria. 

“Come again?” Belarus frowned.  Her face was cold and darkened.  “Brother and I are going to get married.  He does not have time to date anyone, let alone you.”

“What do you mean by that?” Maria asked sharply as she reached down and removed the napkin that had been placed on her lap.  “He can date whoever he wants to and so I can.”

She began to rise from her seat and Ivan frowned.  He reached out to try to stop her.  “Maria, it’s fine-”

“Is this true, Brother?” Natalia demanded in a demonic voice.  Ivan automatically shrank back, but tried to stop himself.

“Natalia-” he began. 

He caught the glimmer of a knife in front of him and stopped before he could continue further.  Belarus was gripping her usual weapon tightly in front of her.  “She’s lying, isn’t she, Brother?” she asked, as if daring him to answer otherwise.  “You wouldn’t date her!  We’re going to get married!”

Ivan glanced back at Maria.   She was glaring at his sister and had tossed her napkin on to her empty plate.  She wasn’t afraid Belarus’ knife or of Belarus’ murderous demeanor.  In fact, she seemed irritated with it.   When he didn’t answer, Natalia followed his gaze to the other woman and gritted her teeth. 

“Don’t hurt her, Natalia,” Ivan stated suddenly.  “We were just talking.”  Maria drew her head back and looked at him surprised.  He diverted his eyes from her.  “She did nothing wrong.  Do not raise your hand against her.”

“Ivan!” Maria exclaimed.  “We were doing nothing wrong!”

“Shut up!” Natalia barked as she stood between Ivan and Maria.  “Get back to your seat!  I’m taking Brother back now!”

Maria shot her a glare.  “Don’t tell me what to do!” she snapped back.  Natalia took a step forward, knife in hand.  Ivan began to move forward.  Maria narrowed her eyes.  “And don’t you dare wave that thing at me, either!” she hissed.  Her hand shot forward and grabbed the other nation’s pale wrist.  With a simple twist, she wedged the would-be weapon from Belarus’ hand and slammed it down on the table, embedding the blade firmly in the wooden table top.  “Do you think that a knife scares me?  I can fight with blades three times as long, with both hands while blind folded!”

Ivan was staring at the embedded knife.  What had just happened?  How did she do that?  And why did he find that incredibility attractive?

“Jie-jie practices a weapons based martial art, you know!” Taiwan’s high voice shouted from across the room.  “You don’t care scare her!” 

“Mei, shut up!” another voice hissed.  Maria seemed to ignore her sisters as she stood in front of Belarus with her hands on her hips. 

“He is your older brother and you will show him some respect!” Maria scolded the blonde.  “Do I make myself clear!?” 

The world seemed to wait and see what would happen.  Ivan stared at them.  Ukraine wondered if she should step in.  Canada wondered if he should call his brother.  Belarus stood in front of Maria with wide, shocked eyes.  No one had ever dared take her knives before.  How dare this woman do such a thing!?

Her hand rose quickly and slapped Maria. 

Across the room, Taiwan and Ukraine screamed.

“Natalia!” Ivan’s voice rose as he narrowed his eyes sharply as his sister.  “What do you think you’re doing!?”

Before Natalia could speak, she was suddenly slapped back.   In her surprise, she didn’t even realize what happened next until a sharp pain shot through her bottom.  She was laying across the knees of the other female nation.

“I have had enough of you disrespecting your brother and me!  He is your elder and you will show him respect!” Maria scolded.  All eyes were on them as the sounds of her hand hitting the ruffled skirts of Belarus’ dress echoed across the room.  “You do not go around threatening people with knives!  You will restrain yourself with your brother!”  She said firmly.   “Or so help me, you will not know pain until you feel my belt on your back side!” 

The room had gone quiet.  The Philippines was spanking Belarus like a mother disciplining a child.  Natalia was squirming, now feeling the full extent of the pain as the spanks hit the already sore area.  Her face was red, and it was unclear if it was because it hurt or if she was embarrassed, but about five minutes into the would-be punishment, Maria pulled her off of her and rose from her seat. 

“Apologize for your behavior to you brother!” Maria ordered as she loomed above the blonde. 

Natalia bit her lower lip and turned her head away.  Maria frowned. 

“I do not have time for your stubbornness, Belarus,” Maria said.  “Apologize or you will find out just how much a leather belt hurts,” she threatened. 

“Мне очень жаль,” a quiet voice slipped from the blonde’s lips.  Maria lifted her head triumphantly. 

“Good girl,” she praised lightly.  She relaxed her posture and fixed her dress subtly.  She turned back to Ivan and gave him a nod of her head.  “I’m sorry to have had to do that, Ivan.” 

He stared at her, absolutely amazed.  Most people had just run away from his sister and that woman had just ripped away a knife and disciplined her.  She was either brave or insane.  Ivan wasn’t sure which reason he liked better.  He opened his mouth. 

“Natalia,” he said softly.  “I will speak to you tomorrow,” he added as he looked down at his sister.  He placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.   The younger blonde lifted her head and looked at him, red-faced.  


“I’m not angry at you,” Ivan assured her.  “But…,” he said as he stepped around his sister and reached for Maria’s hand.  The other nation was surprised that he had actually done so, but said nothing.  “I have a date with Maria and we have much to talk about.” 

Belarus dropped her head.  Her expression couldn’t be seen.  Maria let out a heavy breath.  Perhaps she had gone too far.  Still, she wasn’t one to take being insulted, let alone slapped, lightly. 

“You can have him back in the morning,” Maria sighed as she took a step closer to where Belarus was seated on a chair.   “Okay?” 

She reached forward and stroked Natalia’s disheveled hair back as she stood beside her.  She brought the blonde’s head close to her and pressed it against her stomach as she continued to smooth back Natalia’s hair, as if apologizing for having been so harsh to her.  Belarus didn’t move, but didn’t pull away either. 

When Maria was finally lead away by Ivan, Ukraine approached her sister.  “Natalia…,” she called quietly as she knelt down in front of her. 

“She smells,” Natalia said as her hands tightened over the cloth of her dress.  “Brother likes her…,” she frowned. 

Ukraine looked confused.  “What…?”

“She smells like sunshine,” Natalia elaborated.  She looked outside the window, out at the snow covered street and the two figures now layered with thick coats, walking arm and arm down the street.  “No wonder Brother likes her.”
.oOo.____.oOo. ____.oOo. ____.oOo. ____.oOo. ____.oOo. ____.oOo.

He couldn’t remember the last time he had felt warm all over or had woken up from a peaceful, rest-filled sleep.  Violet eyes fluttered open and looked across the hotel room to the sliver of light that penetrated the space between two curtains.  His eyes squinted. 

She was warm, just like the sunlight.  He lifted his hand towards the light and spread his long fingers apart. 

“You have such big hands,” she had giggled the night before as she wove her glove clad fingers between his, long larger ones.  “They’re almost twice the size of mine.”

And she was right.  She was tiny compared to him, but oh, how, he had enjoyed their short time together.  He had been fascinated with her small hands.  She claimed they were actually rather large compared to her Asian sisters, but to him, she was small and fragile.  It had amazed him how she was able to remove his sister’s knife so easily with those tiny hands. 

Silently, Ivan’s violet eyes softened as his fingers closed.  He didn’t want to let her small hands go.  They were warm.  She was warm.  Her smile was bright.  She didn’t look at him with fear or obsession.  She didn’t flinch when he put his arms around to try to keep her warm in their lazy walk through the snow.  She had leaned back against him and rested her hands on his arms, continuing their conversation on communal dancing and tribal music as if nothing was wrong with the world.

He had enjoyed her company and as the night wore on, he dreaded the end of their date.   He had tried to prolong it as long as he could.  Even up to the point of walking her to her room. 

He swore to himself, of course, that it was a purely innocent action and he wasn’t planning on anything devious or uncouth.  He simply wanted to be in her warm presence a bit longer.   

After walking hand in hand down the hall, they stopped in front of room 721 and she released his hand from hers.  For a moment, he felt an odd fleeting sensation, followed by disappointment. 

“Thank you for a wonderful night,” the island nation had smiled softly.  “I really enjoyed myself.”

“I’m glad you did,” he had smiled back, mirroring her warm look.  “Thank you for joining me tonight,” he had paused.  “And I am sorry for what happened with my sister.”

Maria had shaken her head and lowered her eyes.  “I have probably stepped over the line, Ivan.  I didn’t mean to spank your sister.”

“No, no!” he had corrected her immediately.  “I think it was good for her!”

“Still, she’s your sister-”

“It will make her realize that not everyone will put up with her actions,” he had insisted.  “I was the one who asked you out knowing what she would do.  You only did what felt you had to do and I am grateful for it.  Most women would’ve panicked, but you held you ground….”  He had blushed slightly and shook his head.  “It was amazing.” 

Maria had met his eyes and smiled back.  “Well…then, I hope she did learn something. “ 

They had stood in the hall for a bit longer.  Ivan had been unsure whether or not she was going to end the date or if he should.  Before he could figure out a way to end the evening on a high note, Maria had spoken up.

“I guess it is late,” she had begun in a rather generic sounding way.  She had let out a laugh shortly afterwards, as if realizing how lame she sounded.  She had shaken her head and looked back up at him.  “Thank you for a wonderful evening, Ivan.  It was a very good date.” 

He had smiled back intently.  “I think so, too.”  “Would you like to have another?” he had wanted to add.   He had kept his mouth shut instead.  It was a one time thing, he had reasoned.  He would be happy with such a perfect memory anyway.

“I’m glad,” Maria had smiled.  “I hope things get better with your sister.  You’re a very sweet man.” 

Then, to his surprise, she had reached up and put her hands on his shoulders.  She arched her back and leaned upwards, standing on the tips of her toes to place a quick, chaste kiss on his left cheek.  His violet eyes went wide as the spot tingled. 

“Good night, Ivan,” she had whispered against him. 

She had slipped back down and lifted her small hands from his shoulders.  She turned around, slid her key card through her door and pushed it open. 

Through his daze, Ivan had barely heard the muffled sounds of her sisters behind the door as Maria let out an exasperated sigh and scolded them for eavesdropping.  She had looked back at him, out the door once more with an apologetic look. 

Ivan had smiled back, lost in her soft brown eyes.  “Good night, Солнышко моё .”

Somehow, he had gotten back to his room and somehow, he had managed to fall asleep.  Dreams of a sunflower fields and a warm, smiling island nation waiting for him amongst them filled his head.  He had woken up happy.

Light hearted, he rose from his bed and stretched out.  Another day of meetings lay before him and with his status as a nation; he had to attend all of them.  He stopped in front of his window and pulled the curtains open, relishing the feeling of the warm, early morning rays against his cool, bare flesh.  He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Perhaps, Ivan smiled thoughtfully, in just one of those many meetings, he would have the chance to see the warmth of his sun once more. 

.oOo.____.oOo. ____.oOo. ____.oOo. ____.oOo. ____.oOo. ____.oOo.

A.N. – Hello!  I’m back from my slightly extended and over budgeted vacation! I’m still tired, jet-lagged, and have tons of crap at work and home to catch up on.  Instead, I’m writing fanfic and drawing Leste bonding with Spain…

Anyway, thank you guys for reading!  This will be the first in the series of one-shots regarding the requests I had solicited for earlier this month.  You will get about one or two one-shots a week until the requests I have selected are completed.  I hope for your patience! 

The Euro-Fhiles will be individual, unconnected Piri romance (usually fluff) one-shot stories with various European nations with them as nations/colonies/etc.   Then there are the AUs, which involve the prospective PRH, and Korea and Japan’s individual one-shots where they will be humans.  In addition to them, there is also the one-shot spin off of “The Conquistador’s Daughter” with America and Mexico.  I still am not sure whether or not I will continue with the main fic itself.

Also, I know that in some cases, a one-shot fanfic, even one that’s 15-25 pages long, will not fully cover the ship and will probably leave you hanging.  So, I’ll offer this: once they are all completed, you can vote on whichever one you’d like me to continue into a full fanfic.  Yes, this means a painfully long multi-chaptered angst-fest.  (I apologize in advance).   I hope this sounds fair.  I know I can’t elaborate on all of them, so I thought I could at least offer one.

Thanks again for reading! 
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yukihiro826yukihiro826 on April 28th, 2010 03:47 am (UTC)
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And Piri is so Brave XD

I Love you for doing this kind of fics
damagectrl: APH - OT3 - USAPiriMEXdamagectrl on April 28th, 2010 03:17 pm (UTC)
Brave or insane? O_o

This is a good exercise for me to try to write pairings I don't usually write. I'm rather displeased with how this came out, mainly because I was limited to a one-shot...and it was originally 30 pages, so I cut out some stuff. XO

Still, thank you very much for reading! I hope to continue writing for everyone.
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Sarah Rose ♥♪♫: Spain~♪♫sweetfragrance9 on April 28th, 2010 03:58 am (UTC)
This is a one shot? :O I want more! DDDD:::

Welcome back!

Nice fic by the way! I love it!
damagectrl: APH - OT3 - USAPiriMEXdamagectrl on April 28th, 2010 03:18 pm (UTC)
The first draft was around 30 pages and LJ's limit is about 20-23 pages. I had to cut out a bunch of stuff, so it feels incomplete...um, that is aside from the open ending. =_=

Thank you! It's good to be back home! :D

Thank you very much for reading!
michiyo_rainmichiyo_rain on April 28th, 2010 05:46 am (UTC)
wee! IvanPIri love!
damagectrl: APH - OT3 - USAPiriMEXdamagectrl on April 28th, 2010 03:19 pm (UTC)
There is more love to be had! PrussiaPiri is next and I'm kind of looking forward to NetherlandsPiri... :3

Thank you for reading!
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WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! uuuu... >u< sorry for the incoherency ._.

NO WORDS CAN EXPLAIN HOW HAPPY I AM! Your comeback fic is AWESOME! I've been waiting for more RussiaxPhilippines in the comm~ xD I LOVE IT. It's really so so sweet~ =u=

Anyway, I'm glad your back! *tackle glomps*
damagectrl: APH - OT3 - USAPiriMEXdamagectrl on April 28th, 2010 03:21 pm (UTC)
=A= That's a very interesting way to start off a comment, LOL!

I'm sorry it isn't more in depth. I was limited to a one shot, so some things were taken out. Still, I'm glad you enjoyed the fic! Thank you very much for reading!

*hugs back*
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Patricia Selinatrishpawachunyu on April 28th, 2010 08:54 am (UTC)
Senpai, let it suffice to say that I love you even more than I already do.

First AussiePH, and now this. Honestly, you are making my number of OTPs swell to an alarming number; I fear for the day that I suddenly begin shipping World/PH/is shot, Kolkhozed, and thrown an avocado and tomatoes on face while being bitten by koalas and polar bears (darn, there really are too much men in her life.../fail)

(And this lovely fic helped, 'cause I needed reference for a depressed Belarus who can't let go and at the same time accepts her loss. Thanks a lot, hope my fic turns out to be as good as yours!)
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^_^ I'm unworthy!

I was feeling the AussiePH more than this one, so I'm a bit unsatisfied with how RussiaPH turned out. :\ It doesn't hit me the way I want it to. :(

LOL, I think at some point, most of us here ship WorldPH. XD So many men in her life...I wonder how manPiri would fair. ^_^

I'm glad you enjoyed it, though! Thank you very much for reading!
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rukamarukama on April 28th, 2010 12:38 pm (UTC)
Oh wow... I didn't know Russia/Piri would make such a wonderful pairing! This fanfic was absolutely delightful. :)

Somehow, you make any kind of Hetalia/Piri pairing [extremely] suitable under any kind of circumstance.

Who am I kidding, I look forward to your future fanfics!! :D
damagectrl: APH - OT3 - USAPiriMEXdamagectrl on April 28th, 2010 03:28 pm (UTC)
Thank you for reading!

Ah, it's all about the situation, yes? ^_^ I'm not satisfied with this fic...it needed more. I hope the others will be better. :sigh:

ellekrisellekris on April 28th, 2010 12:44 pm (UTC)
I have to say, this is a really good oneshot. You have just made me a shipper of Russia/PH now.

Can't wait for the other chapters :)
damagectrl: APH - OT3 - USAPiriMEXdamagectrl on April 28th, 2010 03:32 pm (UTC)
Wow, already? I think I barely scratched the surface of this pairing. I also still have several to go! O_O

Thank you so much for reading!
nomnomnomepalpie on April 28th, 2010 03:22 pm (UTC)
That was amazing! I hope that there will be more~
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Thank you very much!

There are a little under a dozen more to fics to come, so I hope you will enjoy them!
rawrieatchurawrieatchu on April 28th, 2010 04:42 pm (UTC)
This is so cute! Its marvelous! LMAO I thought Ivan was going to escort her to her room and...OH NOES R-18/shot shot shot It didn't give you much of an impact but it did for me. I think you're a GREAT writer :) But I wonder why Venezuela is her closest sister when she doesn't even have an embassy here in the Philippines. Should've been Brazil, but thats okay XDD

I hope you type more! Ohhhh...PrussiaPhili is next? This is going to be interesting...8DD And NetherlandsPhili? My sister is going to be so happy :) Her birthday is coming up on May1 so shes hoping to see it soon 8)
damagectrl: APH - OT3 - USAPiriMEXdamagectrl on April 28th, 2010 05:08 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Actually, her closest sisters in the fic are Puerto Rico & Taiwan (self-appointed, of course). Puerto Rico wouldn't have an embassy, though, as it is a US Territory. :)

Yes, the plan is for PrussiaPiri next, followed by NetherlandsPiri. I hope to get those up by next week. :)
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Mikamikamikachuchu on April 28th, 2010 09:05 pm (UTC)
piri-tan is so badass XD
i'm curious...do you plan on doing like a one-shot with piri and germany? lol that would make my day :)
damagectrl: APH - OT3 - USAPiriMEXdamagectrl on April 28th, 2010 10:38 pm (UTC)
A PirixGermany story was on the list, although I'm still working on the actual plans for that one. I'm having a bit of a hiccup due to the issue of a strong ItaGermany force. Feel free to give me some ideas to get the creative juices going! :)
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XD More to come! Reserve shipping judgment until afterwards. ^_^ Thank you for reading!
Kanahkanah_chan12 on April 29th, 2010 04:04 am (UTC)
Totally fell in love with this! Great job XD
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I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for reading!
clover_air on April 29th, 2010 04:21 am (UTC)

I love you for this!!!>8'D
damagectrl: APH - OT3 - USAPiriMEXdamagectrl on April 29th, 2010 09:38 am (UTC)
Thank you for reading! I am unworthy! XO
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apple-bee-tize'd: [soul_eater] maka brain-deadscarletapples on April 29th, 2010 04:29 am (UTC)

This was lovely all over <3 Piri taking charge! I even like the little hint (in my eyes, at least) of Canada/Ukraine (cause I ship it too, huhu) and now, I'm shipping RusPiri too 8D The sunshine parts got me~!

Also, it didn't even feel long because I enjoyed it so much! I'm looking forward to your other ones :)
damagectrl: APH - OT3 - USAPiriMEXdamagectrl on April 29th, 2010 09:39 am (UTC)
YES it was a hint of Canada/Ukraine XD Hehehe...

It didn't feel that long to me either, but tell that to LJ. I got at lest five "entry too long" error messages before it let me post. T_T :sigh:

Thank you very much for reading!
Juliecrossesandguns on April 30th, 2010 04:47 pm (UTC)
I don't know why but the "She smells like sunshine" part really worked for me. :DD

Amazing, amazing fic as usual! It's fun to read offbeat pairings like this, and the best part is, you make them work!

I remember, last year, the 1st Philippine Studies Conference was hosted in St. Petersburg! Apparently, Russia is one of the leading countries specializing in the field. See it here! It was before I knew Hetalia, but now, I spaz!

Oh, yeah, welcome back again! I missed you so much!
damagectrl: APH - OT3 - USAPiriMEXdamagectrl on April 30th, 2010 08:00 pm (UTC)
Thank you for reading! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's been quite an exercise trying to write rare-pairings. I fear they're not as creative as I would like, though. :(

Thank you! I'm glad to be home! I hope everyone likes the fics I'm pouring out. XO
vivalalixivivalalixi on May 2nd, 2010 08:32 am (UTC)

i can't ever ever choose a favorite fic from you. they're all so awesome!!!!! i now understand why tella ships this two.

i'd like to see more russiapiri!!!

their yandereness rocks my world.
damagectrl: APH - OT3 - USAPiriMEXdamagectrl on May 3rd, 2010 04:07 am (UTC)
You know, as I wrote it and tried to make it work in the fic, it seemed to make more and more sense. I don't know if it was wishful thinking to get the fic going or what, but it seems very plausible now. O_o

I may write one more...though it's heading into R-rated territory and I kind of wanted to steer clear of that for the most part for these one-shots. RomanoPiri not withstanding...
pisceanchic101pisceanchic101 on November 13th, 2010 10:04 pm (UTC)
AhhH! That was SO sweet! I absolutely loved it! When I first saw this, I was kind of doubtful that anyone could pull Russia/Piri off because it just seemed too crackish, but I've learned by now that you can pull off any pairing with Piri in it. :) Once again, nice job, and you're an awesome writer! ;D
f_master_lee on June 17th, 2011 04:21 pm (UTC)

Phili actually scares me now... That's a first lol XD
(Anonymous) on January 12th, 2014 08:47 am (UTC)
Amazing! I really like this!

Just wondering, when Mei shouted out that Piri practices a weapons martial art right after she disarms Belarus, is it by any chance Eskrima? I, myself practice this sport and its native to the philippines!~ Each strike is used in 3 different ways; Unarmed , with a stick or a knife. There are also alot of street fights with eskrima, so I was wondering if that was it?
damagectrldamagectrl on January 12th, 2014 09:00 am (UTC)
Yes, actually it is eskrima. My brother and several relatives are practioners of the art, although different schools. I myself practice and study Italian longsword.