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Finally(!) getting out in the zone.

Hi guys! I'm gabby and I'm pretty new around here (both in the community and in LJ), despite having been in LJ for almost a year now (kasi busy, echos!); and also, this is my first time submitting my work so I'm kinda nervous. About PH's human name, most (if not all) fanfics and other fan works I've seen and read, PH's name is Maria, so I used Maria. So I'm saying sorry in advance if the name's redundant! (>.<);

Pamagat/Title: Fidelity
Tauhan/Character: OC!Philippines, America, China, France, Hong Kong, England, Canada, Japan
Marka/Rating: T
Babala/Warning: Crack, Humor,Violence, AU-Verse/One-Shot, Human names are used and there's slight romance (maybe)
Alfred's been sneaking out almost every night, and Maria's going to find out why.

Here's the link:
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[Fanfic] Looking Back Chapter 22

Title: Looking back
Characters/Pairings: OCPhilippjnes, ASEAN+3,  Spain, America, England
Rating: T
Warning: Swearing, inappropriate behavior, and some cheesy stuff

'Of course, it can't be true,' she thought. 'She is out to get me'. There's no way she would have let Thailand get her.

Thailand cursed and shook her again. Vietnam looked at him with cleared vision and sobbed as he cradled her in his arms.

"I'm sorry for the intrusion but I hope you two don't mind me asking you to get on my ship."

Thailand looked over his shoulder to find all his soldiers at the rescue boat with their hands up in surrender and Clara peering down at them from the deck of a bigger boat, with more than a dozen soldiers pointing mini machine guns at them.

Clara spoke through the megaphone again, "Welcome aboard." She grinned.

(...I'm afraid you'll lose me, Germany. I'm afraid you'll lose me....)

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[fanfic] The knight and the witch - I

Pamagat/Title: The knight and the kitch
Tauhan/Character: Oc!Philippines, England, America, AusPruHun, Seychelles, other countries
Marka/Rating: Pg-14
Babala/Warnings: cursing, swearing, some adult themes, un-betaed, highly AU, etc.

“Uncle, I have brought him.” Gilbert announced, gesturing at the innocent man. It was him. The king was shocked with surprise, he never knew Gilbert, the same Gilbert who was scared of a donut’s ghost, can find him.

His black hair swayed whilst bowing to the royals to show respect. “King Roman and Queen Rupee, I am Rod-”

“Yeah, yeah, we know loser,” Gilbert marched his way to the aristocrat, then grabbing him by the collar. The queen jumped and wanted to stop them fighting but the king did not let her. “Where is Elizaveta, Roderich.”

“Wait,” Roderich coughed as he turned his head. “What do you mean? I never heard anything about this at all.”

Collapse )

[fanfic] the deceit of my lips (1-5/?)

Title: the deceit of my lips

Characters: fem!Watson (Jean Hadassah Watson, M.D.), fem!England (Rosalie Kirkland), fem!Bilbo (Wilhelmina Boudicca “Billa” Baggins), fem!America (Amelia 'Faustine' Jones), fem!Canada (Madeleine Williams) and, soon enough, many others.

Pairings: Thorin♥Billa, uncertain fem!Sherlock♥Jean

Fandoms: BBC Sherlock + Hetalia + The Hobbit

Warnings: Still the same: "Pretty much the most self-indulgent thing I’ve ever done – genderbend crossover fic! So yeah, silly fanon names, incoherency, and all that. Blame my sporadic bouts of inspiration, really. Second–person view as always, with little dialogue. Of course. This is me, after all. Also, pre-Reichenbach, so suicidal thoughts." Also, due to the now-relatively greater appearance of Hetalia characters, use of human names. Also references to rather...err, mildly twisted views on violence so umm, yeah.

Notes: Mildly based on silentside's AO3 fic It Takes Two, and pibroch’s Take Me From My Lace from her and ewelock’s lingerie model AU. Also based on my favourite book from…lo and behold, The Bible. Am not joking.

Summary: An ex-army doctor grieving over her lost consulting detective, the Nation known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the unlikely successor to one of the wealthiest conglomerates go to slay a dragon.


Chapter 1: lead them away captive In which Jean meets Rosalie and sparks begin to fly. Well. Not those kind of sparks that people used to say she shared with Sherlock.
Chapter 2: plumb the depths of the human heart Jean meets Billa for the first time, and vice versa; they form a tetchy friendship whilst Rosalie informs Jean who exactly she is going up against. In the meantime, a ghost comes to life.
Chapter 3: thou who crushes wars Jean is hungover after a night about the town with the unassumingly feisty Billa, and Rosalie berates a woman who is supposed to be, by all intents and purposes, truly and terribly dead.
Chapter 4: wait for deliverance Jean finds out who the man she is supposed to bring to justice is, and who he looks like exactly; Rosalie entertains a loved but still unwanted visitor.
Chapter 5: to entice the eyes Amelia takes Jean out shopping, with rather odd results, Rosalie informs Jean of one of the crucial specifics of their plan, Mycroft recieves a message, and the threat of Magus Goldman looms ever closer.

[Fanart] Spain/Philippines

Title: Stand down
Character(s): Spain, OCPhilippines
Rating: G
Warning: None

Spain and Philippines preview

Collapse )
Okay, it is depicted here about Spain's battle with Philippines in her tribal days. She may have one at the help of Lapu-Lapu but it wasn't the same as years past and Spain had conquered her and told her to Stand down if she doesn't want her or her people to die in an obvius win at his side.

My very first fanart of Hetalia. I'm quite new to the anime and a new fan of it and got the hang of the characters. But I'm not sure about my skills in drawing them, though. 

Anyway, please do enjoy and expect more coming :D
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My Philippines OC

Name: Alana Pagtipnikan ( I really wanted to make her last name Navarro like my name, but my name didn't seem too pinoy enough >~<)

Representing: Republic Of The Philippines

Languages: Tagalog, English, Bikol, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Llokano, Pampango, Pangasinense, and Waray

Age: 19 (Just like America only she's three years younger, so I just wanted to make her that age So please don't hurt me.

Weapons/ Uses of defense: She boxes, wrestles, uses an eskopeta (Filipino weapon), scissors (Cause I wanted to make her strong, since she's ranked 6th most dangerous country in the WORLD), and other types of guns and knives.

Bio: She used to live with China back when she was just a mere child, then she got hungry and Spain sighted her on the road. She was mistaken as a boy by Spain as a kid due to her short hair and tomboy like voice. Spain then gave her a mango, which she gobbled up. She then decided to live with Spain and Romano to eat and live a healthy life. But to let her stay for free, she to clean up after the boys. One day, Philippines went through puberty then Spain realized she was a girl. He then made her a maid (Ha, lame jokes!), but was very over protective. One day, Spain and Philippine were roaming around and Britain came along. He said Philippines was a beautiful young lady, then Spain got freakishly over protective and the war of Spain and Britain then began. (Let's just skip all the wars cause this goes on for a LONG period of time.) At age 16, Philippines told Spain to suck a dick and that she didn't want to be a maid anymore and ran away. Afterwards, she was independent at June 12. (I made her birthday May 12 cause I wanted too so don't judge me lol so, she was kinda bummed she was indepent a month later.) Then, America adopted her as a little sister at age 18, but he was only 3 months older so Philippines didn't call him Kuya like she did with Spain. Anyway, she then worked as a maid for America. After a period of wars, yada yada yada, she now lives with her little sister Guam (Or "Ading" as Philippines calls her, Ading meaning "Younger One".)

(Before when she was just all alone with no one to take care of her, the Philippines was bullied by her mean girl cousins who made fun of her tomboyish behavior. She played basketball with boys and didn't like wearing dresses, so her mean cousins made fun of her. There were only 5 of her Ates (Ate meaning "Older Female" in filipino, also pronounced as (Ot-tay) ).


Vietnam: Back then when she was allies with America, she and Vietnam bonded and became very close friends.

America: She is apparently America's adopted younger sister, she and America fought MANY MANY times before, but they geet along well and are very close friends.

Japan: They befriended over...Basketball? (Lol) Well, alls well that ends well. In sports. Japan is now a very close friend despite all the WWII nonsense before, and Japan is now a contributor to the Philippines.

China: They aren't as close as they used to, but they are very close friends indeed. Although China is only friends with her now because of her Hello Panda Snacks.

Britain or England: They are very close, and for not sure why. She might get made and strangle him at points, but does that matter? Of course not~ She disagrees on the food though, as though if she thinks England touches or does anything before the meal is fully cooked, she automatically thinks it's poisonous. (Poor Iggy.)


Taiwan: Before you say, NO YOU DON'T KNOW YOU'RE FACTS STUPID! THEY'RE FRIENDS AND BUY YOURSELF SOME SINIGAN! In real life, they both have issues. And China even agrees with Philippines that their RIVALRY consists terribly. (I wanted to make them rivals cause I wanted too lol.)


Her outfit for pajamas is a oversized Manny Pacquiao as Pac man eating all they rivals he won against in a T-shirt and red basketball shorts. Her usual outfit (Military outfit) is a black tank top that has a beer sign logo (Heineken parody) on the front that reads FILIPINO and camouflage pants, with a military hat with camouflage as well.

Her hair is light black (Unlike most Ocs with brunette hair, because some filipinos have light black hair or just black hair) with a tiny curl on the right, but not really a curly curl like Italy's, but it's thick and only curled at the end of the line of hair.

Her eyes are dark brown (Like most Ocs.)